Please note: CPCO AQ courses will continue to be offered as scheduled, transitioning face-to-face sessions to virtual platforms such as Zoom, Google Meets and/or Microsoft Teams and synchronous learning as required locally. When and if required, courses will transition to alternate scheduled dates decided collaboratively by instructors and candidates.

SUBSIDY OPPORTUNITY NOW AVAILABLE: CPCO, together with OPC and ADFO, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, is offering a limited number of subsidies for eligible candidates for this AQ program.  Click here for details.

CPCO Principal's Qualification Program is developed and delivered by practising Principals and designed to prepare candidates for the Principal's role in Ontario Catholic schools. Based on the Ontario College of Teachers guidelines, the course is current, practical and intellectually challenging.

Catholic Principals' Council of Ontario is committed to offering a program that is:

  • Fully integrated with gospel values, church teaching, and the spiritual formation of the Catholic school leader of the highest professional standard
  • Designed to assist candidates to develop the knowledge, skills and values to ensure their effectiveness as school leaders within the culture of their Catholic or public school boards and communities
  • Current, meaningful, practical, and rigorous
  • Based upon The Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession, The Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, the Professional Learning Framework for the Teaching Profession and the current Ontario College of Teachers Principal's Qualification Guideline
  • Developed by practising Principals and other educational experts

Eligibility for admission to PQP Part 1 & Part 2 is prescribed by  Regulation 176/10 - Teachers' Qualifications, under the Ontario College of Teachers Act.

Prerequisite for admission:

Eligibility Requirements