Equity Leadership in Catholic Schools: Recognizing Power, Privilege and Oppression

September 28, 2022


This interactive session is an opportunity to consider positional leadership in Catholic education and Ontario’s education history from a different perspective. Participants will consider dynamics like power and privilege and positionality. Terms such as oppression and settler colonialism impact every interaction and relationship we have, and through examination of these, we build equity leadership capacity.

Learning goals include:
Examining the historical development of public education in Ontario that created and resulted in a system of education that favoured some and not others;
Considering how these roots created systemic practices, implicit bias and power imbalances that have been “baked into” our systems;
Making personal connections to power, privilege, and oppression and what that means for positional leadership in Ontario’s Catholic leaders today; and
Engaging in case studies to highlight key learnings and some strategies to support positive change.